5 star rating 8/30/2017
Dr. Thai has been my dentist for over 3 years now and I'm still fully satisfied with this office! The main thing I like about this office is that they really care about the patient.
So if you're looking for an office that pays attention to personalized care and a dentist that listens to your needs and concerns, this is the office for you!
They accept most insurances so if you're not sure if they are in network, make sure to give them a call and they will help you through the process!

CK in Sunnyvale on 08/30/2017

5.0 star rating 3/13/2016
I strongly disagree with Peter Z. I doubt that his review is for Dr Thai. I've been with Dr. Thai for 2 years and she never did what Peter Z has described. Dr. Thai is not a pushy person, I don't believe she would repeatedly up-sell unnecessary procedures to her patients. She is professional, knowledgable, skillful, experienced, down to earth, sincere, friendly. There are a lot of great values I found on her as an outstanding dentist.

I would highly recommend her to anybody.

Richard via Yelp

5.0 star rating 11/20/2015
1 check-in
This review is long overdue! I have been a patient of Dr. Thai for over 7 years now. I concur with the other reviews that she is sincere, friendly, and will go above and beyond to help with getting your dental needs taken care of. She would take the time to answer all of my questions and was very thorough with her cleanings, screenings, and overall dental care. The best thing about her is that she is gentle and patient. If you happen to see her during the holiday season, you may get a chance to try her homemade muffins or cookies. Her assistant told me that she loves to bake during the holidays, and she would share them with patients and colleagues. Her office even have cool dental items like bacon, pickle, and cupcake toothpaste/floss for you to try. So if you want a personalized and friendly office where the dentist knows all of her patients by name, then I highly recommend Dr. Thai. You won't be disappointed.

Chip via Yelp

5.0 star rating 11/15/2015
I got to know Dr. Thai through my husband who has been seeing her over 10 years. Ever since she became my dentist 5 years ago, I have zero cavity or any other problem, and I actually look forward to seeing her for checkup. She is one of the most friendly and genuine doctor I have met. When I first visited her, she found so many stains on the back of my teeth which was due to some dental cream that prescribed by my previous dentist. She took extra care to remove all stains and advised me many tips to keep my teeth stain free and how to brighten them naturally. She also gave me super generous amount of samples to take home which helped me to find the dental product that works the best for me. Thanks to her detailed and superb care, I only get to see her twice a year on my checkup but she remembers everything about my teeth (even the condition of my retainer). As a new mom, I'm getting less time to take care of myself lately, but I'm glad that I have Dr. Thai who knows about my teeth so much more and cares about them.

From T. Hayashi via Yelp

5.0 star rating 1/20/2015
I went to Dr. Thai after not seeing a dentist for over 10 years. Rather than scold me as many dentists would have, she worked with me to set up a well reasoned plan on how to get my teeth back to where they should be. She has been very easy to work with, giving me help on getting insurance coverage, etc. She is also very gentle even though I know I'm not the easiest patient to deal with. Highly recommend!

Jim via Yelp

5.0 star rating 4/24/2014
Everything that Joanna T. said is spot on. I've been seeing Dr. Thai for seven years (also through multiple insurance coverages as well as having none for over a year) and have experienced the kindness, expertise and advice described. Dr. Thai and Susan are genuine, intelligent professionals, meticulous and efficient. I've seen them for everything from basic cleanings to fillings to repairing broken front teeth (ouch! but did I mention they are empathetic AND gentle?) and have always been 100% satisfied with the results. When Dr. Thai referred me to an oral surgeon for more extensive X-rays (who was also excellent, and just across the street), she called them to ensure I had an appointment immediately and conferred with the doctor right after. People are surprised when I say I love my dentist but that's because they haven't yet been to see Dr. Thai. I always recommend her, and will continue seeing her for as long as I have teeth...or at least, most of them.

Expes via Yelp

5.0 star rating 11/22/2015
I was referred to Dr. Thai by friends who are also patients at her office. Dr. Thai and her staff are very friendly and thorough whenever I come in for checkups and cleanings. She takes her time and her office only takes one patient at a time which is a good example of a strong doctor-patient relationship.
She has saved me a good amount of money by telling me that I could wait on certain procedures (fillings) since it wasn't needed right away, which is a far cry from my old dentist who would keep recommending different things done every visit.
Make sure you come early to find parking since there are a lot of medical offices using the same parking lot which can get packed at peak hours.

Kevin via Yelp

5 star Dr. Thai is such a great dentist. She is professional and very detailed oriented. I highly recommend Dr. Thai!

Myla via FB

5.0 star rating 3/30/2012
I am new to the area and saw Dr. Thai for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I do not have insurance yet because I just started a new job here in Mountain View. I called her office because I had not been to the dentist for quite a while, The receptionist was very helpful and I was able to get in to see Dr. Thai the very next day. When I arrived there was a bit of paperwork to fill out, but after that I did not have to wait at all. It is a very small personal type of practice and I was glad because she was able to take the time necessary to help me.

Matt via Yelp.

"Excellent dentist. Very thorough and super friendly. Did not have to wait for my appt and she always had time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend her. "

Via Doctorbase review site chosen to be anonymous

I had a great experience at her dental office. Very thorough, friendly, and professional. They checked my ins before I came in so that I knew what I had to pay or not. Highly recommend her.

5 Stars

Pt choose not to have his name disclosed. Review posted on 03/28/2012.

San Jose, CA
5 star rating 8/30/2017
Dr. Thai is a great dentist! Not only does she have great clinical skills, she has extensive oral health knowledge. She offers great treatment plans. She gives you options in detail so you can make an informed decision. Dr Thai is a great dentist. I am very happy with the treatment.

KP Via Yelp

I've never met any dentist that has more concern about the health and well-being of my teeth before. Thank you for your patience and professional advice.

5 Stars

By Pam via FB page.

I have been a patient of Dr. Thai for the past 7 years and I have been very pleased by her expertise and service. Her exams are thorough and she always takes time to answer my questions. When she detects a problem of my teeth, she gives me options and explains to me the pros and cons so I can make an informed decision. I highly recommend Dr. Thai.

Ning W in 2013

For 3 years, I have been going to Dr. Thai for regular cleanings and treatment for bruxism. By outfitting me with a hard night guard, she helped me overcome dental pain, movement of teeth, and cracking of teeth--all due to the clenching of teeth at night. I no longer have the pain I used to endure daily, my teeth no longer loose, and the night guard is helping to prevent further damage to my teeth. If you are interested in a dentist who provides you with a personalized treatment plan, who educates you about dental care, who clearly explains the reasons behind her various recommendations, all in a cheerful, friendly, and serene environment, I would highly recommend you see Dr. Thai. you won't be disappointed.

By Pepper200 on Dr. Oogle on 04/03/2012

"Very detailed oriented dentist who took the time to explain to me what I need to get done. Also they were very
helpful in explaining how my insurance works whereas my old dentist would just bill me and not explained how the billing process worked. Overall, I am very happy with her services, and I highly recommend Dr. Christine Thai."


Review by patient who did not want to have his name release via Doctorbase review site.

Dr. Thai is very knowledgeable and caring. She explains everything clearly and picks the best solution for her patients. I'm glad that I found her!!

5 Stars

By Joanne per FB page.

Dr. Thai is cheerful, friendly and very thorough in her screenings and cleanings. I've been with her for over 7 years now and see no reason to change.

Pt chose to be anonymous. Review was done via Dr. Oogle on 02/06/2012.

Dr. Thai is very caring person and an exemplary dentist. She's more of a friend to our family. She and her assistant, Susan, make a great team.

Tejaswi-Sudhir K. posted on FB page in 2013.

Dr. Thai always takes the time to explain things such as treatment options in great detail. When I arrive for my appointment, I never have to wait longer than five minutes to be seen. My old dentist told me that I needed a root canal and a crown, I went to Dr. Thai for a second opinion and found out that all I needed was a filling. I have been a patient of Dr. Thai's ever since.

Patty B from Mountain View Patch

Thorough cleanings, fillings and overall care. No cutting corners here! Dr. Thai knows all of her patients by name and takes personal responsibility for all services and procedures. She has cool flavors of mouthwash and has the occasional odd display item, like bacon flavored toothpaste, too.

Gargi via FB page.

Dr. Thai is very gentle and professional. She also provides useful individualized dental care information. Highly recommend!
February 4, 2015 · 1 Review


I'm a 17 year old kid that is very hard to please but Dr. Thai your so patient and gentle. Wow awesome doctor!

5 Stars

By Brian via FB page.

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